Use of Personal Mobility Aids (PMAs)

Making the medical centre safe for our patients and their loved ones is our priority. There is therefore a need to manage the use of motorised mobility devices on our premises, to prevent unnecessary accidents. We seek the understanding and cooperation of all users of mobility devices, to adhere to the centre’s guidelines on their use.

PMAs refers to devices such as motorised wheelchairs, or mobility scooters (i.e. have 3 or more wheels, with a seat), which are designed to carry individuals who are unable to walk or have walking difficulties.

For our patients' safety, usage of PMAs is:

  • Strictly limited to clinic outpatients. Please show consideration for others when riding your PMA around the centre.

 *While PMA parking zones are under CCTV surveillance, our centre is not liable for theft of, loss of or damage to PMAs.

As a safety precaution, charging of PMAs within our premises is strictly not allowed.

Thank you for making Jurong Medical Centre a safe environment for our patients and staff.


PMAs are not Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) or Power-Assisted Bicycles (PABs). PMDs are devices such as electric-scooters, kick-scooters, hoverboards. PABs are motorised bicycles. Riding of PMDs and PABs on hospital premises is strictly not allowed. Please carry or tow your PMDs or PABs whilst on our premises.