Awards & Accolades

The American Institute of Architects COTE (Committee on the Environment) Top Ten Awards is the industry’s well known awards programme for excellence in sustainable design. Each year, 10 innovative projects are selected for setting the standard in design and sustainability.

COTE Top Ten Awards 2017

"The Green Mark Platinum NTFGH is part of Singapore’s first medical campus to combine continuing care from outpatient to post-acute care. Based on passive principles, the performance-based design supports resource efficiency, health, and well-being. 70% of the facility is naturally ventilated, representing 82% of inpatient beds. Unlike its Singaporean peers, NTFGH provides every patient with an adjacent operable window, offering daylight and views. An oasis in a dense city, NTFGH incorporates parks, green roofs and vertical plantings throughout the campus. The building uses 38% less energy than a typical Singaporean hospital and 69% less than a typical US hospital.” 

Source: American Institute of Architects Website

The ASEAN Energy Awards is the region’s highest recognition of excellence and innovation for energy efficiency efforts in buildings. 

ASEAN Energy Awards 2017

Top Winner - New & Existing Building Category

This award recognises NTFGH and JCH for several energy efficient and green features, such as: 

  • Having a window for every patient
  • Unique fan-shaped wards with improved airflow
  • Thoughtful orientation of buildings to reduce demand for lighting energy
  • Use of solar thermal systems to provide 100% of hot water supply for hospital usage
  • Energy-efficient air-con chillers and more

BCA Green Mark Platinum Award 2013

Designed for environmental sustainability by being as carbon-neutral as possible in the infrastructure, landscape features as well as water and energy systems, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital received the Green Mark Platinum Award from the Building Construction Authority of Singapore for the following innovative features.

Energy-saving Features

  • Solar thermal systems for 100% hot water supply, eliminating the use of electricity
  • Solar-panelled roofs to power landscape lighting
  • Selective deployment of LED lighting
  • Photo sensor lighting activated only when an area is not bright enough
  • Occupancy sensor lighting activated by movement and body heat

Water-saving Features

  • Use 40% less potable water
  • Harvest rainwater to water plants
  • Utilises NEWater in the cooling towers of the air-conditioning system
  • Water-efficient fittings that reduce wastage


The Building Better Healthcare Awards celebrate outstanding achievements and innovation in the healthcare sector and recognise the people leading the way in enhancing services across the sector. Held annually, the award recognises innovation, architecture, people, products and services that contribute to transforming patient care.

Building Better Healthcare Awards 2017

Sustainable Development Category

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital were awarded as a project that reduce the carbon impact of healthcare services and construction. 

International Design Category  ̶  Highly Commended Project

Besides receiving the Best Sustainable Development award, NTFGH and JCH were also highly commended in the International Design category. We are recognised as a healthcare building outside the UK that create a conducive healing environment for patients, visitors and staff.

The annual Community Chest Awards honours the excellent efforts of organisations and individuals in helping the less fortunate within our community. 

Community Chest Awards 2014

JurongHealth Campus received the SHARE Gold Award in recognition of our outstanding contributions in support of Community Chest between 1 April and 31 March 2014. We display this award logo as a pledge of our advocacy towards community giving, social responsibility and inspiration to others.


Introduced by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), the Community Care Excellence Awards recognises the contributions of Community Care staff and teams who have demonstrated exemplary service and commitment in delivering quality care to their clients.

Community Care Excellence Awards 2018

12 of our colleagues are recipients of the Individual Awards - Silver. We also received 3 team awards for the following categories - Clinical Quality Improvement (Merit), Client Experience Improvement (Merit), Productivity and Innovation (Merit).

Individual Awards - Silver:
  • Dr Alvin Ong
    Associate Consultant, Post-acute & Continuing Care
  • Dr Tan Hong Weng
    Senior Resident Physician
  • Dr Remy-Carmelo Dajay Debarbo
    Resident Physician
  • Amelia Tan
    Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Lilian Lim
    Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Sri Marni Moonshi
    Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Tui Sze Sze
    Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Oh Yong Yun Yu
    Occupational Therapist
  • Alan Wong
    Therapy Associate, Physiotherapy
  • Mary Jane Poblete
    Senior Staff Nurse, Ward C5
  • Manisah Bte Marseety
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Ward C5
  • Jennifer Yee
    Associate Patient Service Coordinator, Operations

Team Awards - Clinical Quality Improvement Award
  • Wong Wan Xi
    Senior Speech Therapist
  • Janice Tang
    Speech Therapist
  • Poh Ailin
    Speech Therapist
  • Celeste Chew
    Speech Therapist
  • Alison Kwok
    Speech Therapist
  • Auyeong Wei Ying
    Speech Therapist
  • Muruganandam Devi
    Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing Administration
  • Alan Ong
    Therapy Assistant, Speech Therapy

Team Awards - Client Experience Improvement Award
  • Abdul Rashid
    Deputy Director, Allied Health
  • Qiu Wenjing
    Head, Physiotherapy- JCH
    Senior Principal Physiotherapist
  • Chen Changwu
    Head, Occupational Therapy - JCH
    Senior Principal Occupational Therapist
  • Seif MD Shariff
    Senior Executive, Allied Health

Team Awards - Productivity and Innovation Award
  • Abdul Rashid
    Deputy Director, Allied Health
  • Qiu Wenjing
    Head, Physiotherapy- JCH
    Senior Principal Physiotherapist
  • Chen Changwu
    Head, Occupational Therapy - JCH
    Senior Principal Occupational Therapist

First launched in April 2008, the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) measures customer satisfaction across sectors and sub-sectors in the service industry. It was jointly developed by the Institute of Service Excellence of Singapore Management University and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore 2012 – No. 1

After managing Alexandra Hospital for only two years, JurongHealth Campus leapfrogged into the top position for the CSISG 2012, registering the most improved index with the only double digit growth of 10.6% in the healthcare sub-sector for Restructured Hospitals.

With a score of 74.2%, Alexandra Hospital was well above restructured hospitals’ average of 70.5%.

The European Healthcare Design Awards celebrates and recognises professional excellence in the healthcare environment design in Europe and around the world. Organised by the Architects for Health and SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, the awards will contribute towards the development of knowledge and standards in the design of healthcare environments around the world. 2016 is the first year of the awards.

European Healthcare Design Award 2016

Healthcare Design (Over 25,000 sqm)

Highly Commended:
Ng Teng Fong General Hospital & Jurong Community Hospital

Commissioned by Ministry of Health, Singapore and Jurong Health Services
Designed by CPG Consultants in collaboration with HOK and Studio 505

The Excellence in Public Service Awards recognises public officers and agencies for service and organisational excellence.

Excellence in Public Service Awards 2017

Our NTFGH Principal Medical Social Worker, Alvin Chua, received the PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award at the Excellence in Public Service Awards 2017 ceremony. Lianhe Zaobao featured him on 22 May for handling a rather special case of a 20-year-old patient. The young lady have had to move from place to place ever since her parents passed away when she was young. She sought treatment at NTFGH after she was assaulted by her friend whom she was staying with. Kudos to Alvin for his passion and dedication in going the extra mile for this patient and others in need!

Excellence in Public Service Awards 2016

For her dedication and commitment to providing quality care to our patients, our Senior Staff Nurse (SSN) Jaya Jothi S Thoondi, received the PS21 Star Service Award at the Excellence in Public Service Awards Ceremony 2016. The PS21 Star Service Award recognises outstanding public service individuals who embody the best customer service ways and have made a difference to the lives of others.

The FuturArc Green Leadership Award was launched in 2009 by the BCI Group of Companies to seek out innovative and ecologically responsible buildings in Asia. The competition recognises the team behind a completed project, including architects, developers, consultants and contractors, who have collectively pushed the definition of a green building in Asia.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2016

Merit Citation (Institutional)



The Healthcare Humanity Awards (HHA) are given out to healthcare workers who are inspirational models. They exemplify the values of courage, dedication, selflessness, and steadfastness in ethics, compassion and humanity. These values underscore healthcare as a noble profession, and not merely a job.

The HHA is a continuing legacy of the Courage Awards, which were first given out in 2003 to healthcare heroes for their courageous fight against Sars. 

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2019

Assistant Nurse Clinician Maznah Marmin was one of the ten award recipients to receive the Honourable Mention at the Healthcare Humanity Award 2019 and is the first in JurongHealth Campus to receive this Honourable Mention. Apart from her role as a specialty care nurse at NTFGH Neurology, ANC Maznah is an active volunteer who has assisted villagers in Kelantan contain the spread of malaria. In March 2018, ANC Maznah travelled to Bangladesh to provide medical relief to Rohingya refugees as part of the Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association. She does us proud and we continue to be inspired by her acts of service to humanity.



Healthcare Humanity Awards 2018

Nurse Clinician Guat Hoon is one of our pioneer staff who has been with us since our early days. Donning hard hat and safety boots, she was heavily involved in setting up and commissioning our Emergency Department at NTFGH to ensure that the area was operationally ready and safe for receiving patients. Aside from her nursing duties, she was also tasked to lead the Decontamination Unit, which involved drafting policies, workflow processes, and creating a training curriculum to equip over 300 hospital staff with the skills to manage the decontamination process in response to a civil emergency. With over 20 years of experience in the ED, she describes her career in three words – challenging, interesting, and fulfilling! Even outside of work, she is steadfast in her belief to save lives and puts her nursing skills to good use by volunteering as a first aider at medical mission trips and marathon events.

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2017

Advanced Practice Nurse Clarice Wee has been looking after critically ill patients since she started her nursing career in 2007. She ensures that her patients receive the care that they need in their vulnerable moments and offers comfort to their families. Her parents were initially apprehensive about her career choice, worried that nursing was a tough job and that she’d be cleaning patients up most of the time. But 10 years on, APN Clarice is still in the ICU and she has never looked back. We are proud of Clarice for leading by example!

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2016

Our Senior Enrolled Nurse, June Ng, was one of the 101 healthcare heroes honoured at the HHA 2016. With over three decades of nursing experience, SEN June has seen the spectrum of human emotions – hope, suffering, triumph and loss. Despite the demands of her day-to-day duties, she took on responsibilities beyond her nursing scope of work to help set up and commission the new Endoscopy Centre at ‪NTFGH‬. Beyond the hospital, SEN June regularly participates in JurongHealth's community outreach activities and goes on voluntary mission trips every year. Her resilience and dedication to provide quality care to her patients those in need are indeed inspiring.

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2015

The HHA 2015 honoured 62 recipients, one of which was our Principal Enrolled Nurse, Jasmine Goh, who has served as a nurse for more than 30 years. Ms Goh is held in high regard by her colleagues and patients. She takes great pride in her work, often going the extra mile for those who require her assistance. On more than one occasion, Ms Goh has devoted her personal time to help patients in need change their wound dressings on a daily basis. The patients' families were very grateful to her and have continued to keep in touch with her. A nurse for over 30 years, Ms Goh uses her expertise to volunteer her services at community outreach programmes. In 2011, she received a long service award for her service to the community.

Healthcare Humanity Awards 2014


54 healthcare professionals were honoured at the HHA 2014, of which two were JurongHealth Campus nurses. Abdul Farouk, Nurse Clinician, and Noreen binte Taha, Senior Staff Nurse, are both active volunteers. They stepped up to be a part of the Singapore Red Cross Medical Relief Mission sent to aid Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines in 2013.

HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Awards 2016 – Outstanding ICT Inovation Award

Established in 2013, the HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Awards aims to identify and recognise organisations in Asia Pacific that leverage health information technology to successfully improve quality of care and patient safety.

This award recognises the most innovative, creative and "out-of-the-box" ICT (information and communications technology) solutions used to improve patient care and safety. Innovation can be in the form of leveraging on existing technology to come up with new and creative usage of ICT to significantly enhance patient care and outcome or developing a groundbreaking technology that leads the way in ICT adoption.

NTFGH received this award for our Project OneCare, which resulted in a single fully integrated Electronic Medical Record system composed of 12 key clinical functions and the integration of 976 medical devices. We offer a “4-less” environment for our patients – Chartless, Scriptless, Filmless and Paperless.

HIMSS Analytics EMRAM Awards

HIMSS Analytics developed the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) in 2005 as a methodology for evaluating the progress and impact of electronic medical record (EMR) systems for hospitals in the HIMSS Analytics™ Database. There are eight stages (0-7) that measure a hospital's implementation and utilisation of information technology applications. The final stage, Stage 7, represents an advanced patient record environment.

EMRAM Stage 7

In collaboration with IHiS (Integrated Health Information Systems) – the Health Ministry's IT arm that manages information technology and innovations at all public healthcare institutions – NTFGH achieved  HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 in October 2016. It is the first hospital in Singapore and ASEAN, and the fifth hospital in Asia Pacific to achieve Stage 7.

NTFGH’s technological transformation achieved many firsts in Singapore, including the implementation of the most number of medical devices (976) interfaced directly into the EMR system and the achievement of a 4-Less environment: Chartless, Scriptless, Filmless and Paper-less.

EMRAM Stage 6

Reaching Stage 6 is a result of focus, good direction and a steadfast commitment from the leadership. Stage 6 institutions have established clear goals for improving safety, minimising errors, and prioritising IT implementations.

Jurong Community Hospital is the first community hospital in Singapore to achieve Stage 6 in January 2017.

Vendor’s Choice: Healthcare IT Leader of the Year Award 2017

Winner: Adj A/Prof Gamaliel Tan (Chief Medical Informatics Officer & Head, Orthopaedics, NTFGH)

Voted by participating sponsors and exhibitors at HIMSS AsiaPac 17, this award recognises the Healthcare IT Leader who is leading change to healthcare using technology.

The inaugural HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2014 handpicks corporations with high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures. It aims to identify the best HR business practices in the workplace. The award is based on a proprietary survey developed by HR Asia, which includes employees’ feedback, management’s comments and presentations. JurongHealth Campus was proud to be selected as a winner from among 113 companies.

The Human Resources Excellence Awards is organised by Human Resources magazine. The awards aims to honour and award outstanding HR practices and provide a platform for HR practitioners to network and celebrate their achievements.

Human Resources Excellence Awards 2017

Excellence in Workplace Culture - Bronze Award 

JurongHealth Campus won the Bronze Award for Excellence in Workplace Culture. Workplace culture is as important as business strategy. It strengthens or challenges the goals and objectives of the business. This award has reaffirmed JurongHealth Campus' dynamic workplace culture.

Human Resources Excellence Awards 2014

Excellence in Recruitment & Retention Strategy - Bronze Award

JurongHealth Campus won the Bronze Award for Excellence in Recruitment & Retention Strategy in the HR Excellence Awards 2014. This award category honours organisations that have employee talent at the very heart of its business, a focus on budgets for finding the right employees, and providing an attractive development and benefits strategy to nurture and increase employees’ satisfaction.

Launched in December 2010 by the Institution of Structural Engineers, the IStructE Singapore Structural Awards aims to be the premier celebration of achievement and innovation in structural engineering. The awards are designed to recognise and reward the work of Singapore’s most talented structural design engineers and their indispensable contributions to the built environment.

IstructE Singapore Structural Awards 2016

Healthcare Structures

“NTFGH and JCH offers a perfect example of an aesthetically pleasing structure without the need of additional curtain walls to dress up exposed elements. Instead of the using full curtain wall system to encase the entire building, the structural elements were fused into the ward design to form part of the aesthetical outlook. From the ground up, the external side of every cantilever curved beam is visible. These beams forming the planter boxes were exposed and integrated into the overall visual outlook of the building. To provide additional visual depth, concrete nibs were added to the side of the beams contouring the beams to be perceived as thinner when seen from a distance. This was then simply covered with a plaster and paint finish to smother any imperfections. It uses a variety of structural systems and materials to optimise the structural skeleton of the buildings. For matching structural form, from construction to materials and to buildability, high strength concrete was used for all columns within all 3 blocks.”

Source: The Structuralist (Newsletter of IStructE Singapore Regional Group), Pg.19

The Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) is a certification scheme by the National Parks Board that recognises development projects with outstanding greenery. This is the first scheme in Singapore that is solely dedicated to the provision and management of greenery. With LEAF, NParks aims to encourage more greenery in Singapore’s urban landscape.

While we were building our two hospitals from ground up, our Hospital Planning team worked closely with our contractors, architects and consultants to design a healing environment complete with gardens and green features in our wards for our patients, their loved ones and the community in the west. 

Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) Certification

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital were among 12 private and public developments to receive the LEAF certification in 2016.

Outstanding Project

Besides receiving the LEAF certification, NTFGH and JCH were also honoured to be recognised as an Outstanding Project in 2016. This category showcases developments that have raised the bar in urban greening excellence.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Health would commission an independent firm annually to carry out the Patient Satisfaction Survey to gauge the service level of public hospitals and polyclinics. The survey aims to assess the level of patient satisfaction, compare the performance of public healthcare institutions and gather suggestions for improvement.

JurongHealth Campus has been managing Alexandra Hospital since August 2010, while building Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. The JurongHealth Campus story is not just about building our new hospitals; it is also about setting the JurongHealth Campus service standard right from the start at Alexandra Hospital.

Staying in a hospital may not be an enjoyable experience. But we strive to make it as pleasant as possible for our patients. While it is important to take care of our patients’ physical well-being, it is even more important to take care of their emotional well-being to set them well on the road of recovery. Even when we move over to our new hospitals, we will continue to do the little things that put a smile on our patients’ faces and work hand in hand with their caregivers.

In keeping with our value, Patient-centredness, we will continue to design and deliver care around the needs of our patients, as well as their caregivers. Care from the heart makes all the difference.

MOH Patient Satisfaction Survey 2013 – No. 1

Moving up from second place in the MOH PSS 2012, JurongHealth Campus gained a significant 2.6% improvement. Our score of 81.7% is well above the national average of 77.2%. 

MOH Patient Satisfaction Survey 2012 – No. 2

In just over two years of managing Alexandra Hospital, JurongHealth Campus climbed into the second spot of the MOH PSS with a score of 79% ─ a 2.4% improvement from the MOH PSS 2011 in terms of overall satisfaction. A strong showing of 81 per cent of those surveyed also said they would be willing to recommend Alexandra Hospital's services to other patients.

Established in 1962, the annual National Day Awards recognises various types of merit and service to the nation. Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike are honoured for outstanding contributions to the civil or military service, social and community work or excellent performance in their own fields

Public Administration Medal 

There are 3 grades of the Public Administration Medal, namely, gold, silver and bronze. The Medal may be awarded to any of the following persons for outstanding efficiency, competence and industry:
  1. any person who is or has been a public officer;
  2. any person who is or has been an officer employed by any statutory authority (other than a Town Council);
  3. any person who is or has been in the service of any organisation, association or body rendering services in the field of education; or
  4. any person who is or has been employed in any company which is wholly-owned by the Government and which is carrying on business mainly as an agent or instrumentality of the Government.

Public Administration Medal (Silver) - 2019

  • A/Prof Cheah Wei Keat
    Chairman, Medical Board
    Senior Consultant, General Surgery, NTFGH 

Public Administration Medal (Silver) - 2017

  • Foo Hee Jug
    Deputy Chief Executive, NUHS
    Chief Executive Officer, NTFGH 

Public Administration Medal (Bronze) - 2019 

  • Dr Chua Chi Siong
    Medical Director & Senior Consultant, Post-acute & Continuing Care, JCH
    Group Director, Institutional Care Collaborations, Regional Health System Office, NUHS
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS

Public Administration Medal (Bronze) - 2019 

  • Kuttiammal d/o Sundarasan
    Chief Nurse, NTFGH

Public Administration Medal (Bronze) - 2019 

  • Ng Kian Swan
    Chief Operating Officer, NTFGH
    Director, JMC

Public Administration Medal (Bronze) - 2018 

  • Joanne Yap
    Group Chief Operating Officer, NUHS
    Data Protection Officer, NUHS
    Chief Strategy Officer

Commendation Medal

The Commendation Medal is awarded to a person who has distinguished himself or herself through commendable performance and conduct and devotion to duty. Below are our recipients.


  • Zeng Huihui
    Head, Medical Social Services


  • Dr Leow Li Pyn
    Head, Speech Therapy
    Senior Principal Speech Therapist
    Allied Health
  • Joanna Chia
    Deputy Director, Medical Affairs
  • Goh Cheng Huang
    Senior Principal Cardiac Technologist, Cardiac Diagnostic Laboratory
    Allied Health


  • Wei Suat Nee
    Deputy Director, Hospital Planning


  • Ken Lee
    Director, Human Resource


  • Tan Hai Yang
    Deputy Director (Operations), Jurong Medical Centre
    Senior Assistant Director, Allied Health


  • Soon Lay Khim
    Assistant Director, Human Resource Management
    Human Resource


  • Yeo Li Peng
    Senior Manager, Human Resource Management
    Human Resource
  • Leong Kwok Hoong
    Manager, Operations (Support Services)
    Biomedical Engineering


  • Joel Tan
    Director, Operations (Support Services)


  • Long Chey May
    Senior Assistant Director, Allied Health
    Head, Medical Social Services
    Allied Health

Public Service Medal 

The Public Service Medal is awarded to a person who has rendered commendable public service in Singapore or for his achievement in the field of arts and letters, sports, the sciences, business, the professions and the labour movement.


  • Foo Hee Jug
    Deputy Chief Executive, NUHS
    Chief Executive Officer, NTFGH

Efficiency Medal

The Efficiency Medal is awarded for exceptional efficiency or devotion to duty. Below are our recipients.


  • Nancy Loke
    Manager, Executive Office Administration
    Office of CEO


  • Cheng Guat Hoon
    Nurse Clinician, Emergency Department
  • Khoo May Lin
    Senior Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
  • S Rosmawati Binti Abdul Ghani
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Outpatient Parental Antibiotics Therapy
  • Wu Xia 
    Senior Manager, Quality, Innovation & Improvement
  • Philip Andrew Ren Ping Santos Seow     
    Medical Technologist, Neurodiagnostic Laboratory
    Allied Health
  • Seow Muay Muay
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Health & Wellness Clinic
  • Wong Lai Chin
    Nurse Clinician, Operating Theatre
  • Ang Puay San
    Senior Associate Executive, Human Resource Management
    Human Resource


  • Chia Guat Tin
    Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing
  • Celestine Lee
    Senior Manager, Communications
  • Mohamad Salleh Bin Manit
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Nursing Clinical Services
  • Sim Chiew Te
    Medical Social Worker, Medical Social Services
    Allied Health
  • June Chin
    Head, Human Resource (JCH)
    Human Resource
  • Nagavali d/o Letchumanan
    Nurse Clinician, Nursing
  • Tay Lee Hiang
    Nurse Clinician, Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic
  • Lee Khek Fong
    Assistant Director, Nursing Administration
  • Kee Ai Di
    Assistant Manager, Human Resource
  • Lim Tow Peng
    Principal Engineer, Facilities Management


  • Syed Farid Wajidi
    Supervisor, Patient Transport & Patients/Visitor Management


  • Koh Kim Luan
    Deputy Director, Nursing Administration
  • Chong Siew Heng
    Senior Nurse Clinician, Major Operating Theatre
  • Geh Bee Yock
    Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing


  • Chua Kok Yeow
    Head, Occupational Therapy
    Allied Health

Long Service Medal

The Long Service Medal is awarded to a person who is of irreproachable character and has completed at least 25 years of continuous service in the service of the government.


  • Dr Lydia Au
    Director & Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine
  • Chithra d/o Kumaran
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Urology
  • Goh Cheng Huang
    Senior Principal Cardiac Technologist
  • Dr Heng Chin Tiong
    Director & Senior Consultant, Urology
  • Khoo May Lin
    Senior Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
  • Koay Siew Khim
    Nurse Clinician I, Urology
  • Lee Gek Lian
    Senior Enrolled Nurse I, Medicine Clinic
  • Leong Kwok Hoong
    Assistant Director, Biomedical Engineering
  • Dr Lim Ghee Hian
    Director and Senior Consultant, Emergency Medicine
  • Lim Siew Lian
    Nurse Clinician I, Emergency Department
  • Maswati binte Amat
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Operating Theatre
  • Vasanthi Nadasan
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic
  • Soon Lay Khim
    Senior Assistant Director, Human Resource
  • Waheeda binte Ahmad
    Senior Staff Nurse I, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Habibah d/o Ab Samat
    Senior Staff Nurse I, Ward C6
  • Liu Jingmin
    Nurse Clinician II, Ward C8
  • Wong Chin Fah
    Senior Patient Service Associate, Specialist Outpatient


  • Adj Asst Prof Daniel Kwek Seow Khee
    Senior Consultant, Psychiatry
  • Joseph Jacqueline Veronica @ Norashidah Yusof
    Senior Staff Nurse, Kidney Unit
  • Ong Mee Sheong
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Operating Theatre
  • Pong Lee Yeng
    Nurse Clinician, Chemotherapy Unit
  • Santi D/O Moothavan
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Operating Theatre
  • Perumal Govindammal
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Urology
  • S Rosmawati Binti Abdul Ghani
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Outpatient Parental Antibiotics Therapy
  • Dr Chan Kim Chai
    Senior Consultant, Emergency Medicine
  • Lechime D/O Somoo
    Senior Patient Service Coordinator, Specialist Outpatient Clinic


  • Choo Yee Mun
    Senior Nurse Clinician, Nursing Clinical Services
  • Dr Lesley-Ann Goh 
    Head & Senior Consultant, Radiology
  • Lim Yen Fen
    Senior Accounts Assistant, Business Office
  • Long Chey May
    Senior Assistant Director, Allied Health
    Head, Medical Social Services
    Master Medical Social Worker
  • Looi Lee Lee
    Principall Enrolled Nurse, General Surgery Clinic
  • Mohamad Salleh Bin Manit
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Nursing Clinic Services
  • Maha Letchumi d/o Nadaisan Rajoo
    Nurse Clinician, Nursing Training & Development


  • Dr Gregory Cham
    Senior Consultant, Emergency Medicine
  • Jaini bin Dahlan
    Senior Medical Technologist, Laboratory Medicine
    Allied Health
  • Azizah binte Samsudin
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Specialist Outpatient Clinic
  • Jamaliah binte Jamahat
    Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing
  • V Gomathi
    Senior Staff Nurse, Medicine Clinic
  • Santhi d/o Baloo
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Nursing Administration


  • Steven Chua
    Head, Medical Social Services (JCH)
    Principal Medical Social Worker
    Allied Heath
  • Peter Seah
    Deputy Director, Human Resource
  • Lee Seck Huat
    Senior Medical Technologist, Laboratory Medicine
    Allied Health
  • Zarifah binte Ahmad Zakri
    Nurse Clinician, Nursing
  • Rajam d/o Karuppiah Ramasamy
    Nurse Educator, Nursing Training & Development
  • Ang Peng Seng
    Senior Staff Nurse, Operating Theatre
  • Cheong Lai Kum
    Senior Staff Nurse, ICU/High Dependency
  • Hamidah binte Sahul Hamid
    Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic


  • Anna Fok
    Chief Human Resource Officer, Human Resource
  • Kuttiammal d/o Sundarasan
    Director, Nursing
  • A/Prof Yap Keng Bee
    Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine & Palliative Medicine
  • Dr Syed Beevee
    Senior Consultant, Anaesthesia
  • Jolyn Tan
    Assistant Director, Nursing Administration
  • Ng Kim Sim
    Senior Nurse Manager, Infection Control
  • Zainaf binte Ya’Akub
    Senior Nurse Manager, Nursing
  • Kunadevi Kumarasamy
    Assistant Nurse Educator, Nursing Administration
  • Habibah binte Abdul Khamid
    Nurse Clinician, Nursing Administration
  • Sally Ng
    Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing
  • Woo Li Ling
    Senior Coordinator, Medicine


  • Ang Poh Ngiuk
    Pharmacy Technician
    Allied Health
  • Chin Chung Han
    Medical Technologist, Laboratory Medicine
    Allied Health
  • Clary Bell Fernandez
    Deputy Director, Nursing Administration
  • Chua Moi Siok
    Senior Nurse Clinician, Major Operating Theatre
  • Rohana binte Anang
    Assistant Director, Nursing Administration
  • Rohani binte Kamsani
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Major Operating Theatre
  • Zalila binte Shafie
    Senior Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
  • Kok Lai Chun
    Senior Enrolled Nurse, Endoscopy Centre


  • Dr Daniel Tan
    Senior Consultant, Surgery
  • Jalejah binte Mohamad
    Senior Enrolled Nurse, Central Sterile Supplies Department
  • Khoo Ser Wah
    Senior Staff Nurse, Eye Clinic
  • Siti Aminah binte Haron
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Major Operating Theatre


  • Quek Siew Hong
    Senior Nurse Clinician, Nursing
  • Ow Weng Kay
    Senior Pharmacy Technician
    Allied Health
  • Shahul Hameed bin Mashutu
    Senior Radiography Assistant, Radiology
    Allied Health
  • Sumari bin Kasman
    Radiography Technician, Radiology
    Allied Health

The National Health IT Excellence Awards is an annual accolade presented by the Health Minister to recognise initiatives and individuals that have achieved healthcare excellence through IT.

National Health IT Excellence Awards 2017

Champion for Health IT Excellence Award

Adj A/Prof Gamaliel Tan
Chief Medical Informatics Officer & Head, Orthopaedics, NTFGH

Adj A/Prof Gamaliel was the key clinical driver who led the JurongHealth Campus team to implement a single integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system across NTFGH and JCH and achieve a 4-less environment -- Chartless, Scriptless, Filmless and Paper-less. NTFGH was the first in Singapore and ASEAN, and the the fifth hospital in Asia Pacific to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 and JCH is the first community hospital in Singapore to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6.

"IT Excellence: Beyond Quality to Value" Category 

This award recognises IT initiatives that deliver value to patients through appropriate care and the efficient use of resources and manpower. 

The JurongHealth Campus team worked with Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) – the Health Ministry's IT arm – to adopt the Closed-loop Barcoded Product Administration with the aim of increasing efficiency, reducing errors in blood product transfusion and ultimately improving patient care.

The NTUC U SAFE Sparks Award is organised by the National Trades Union Congress, NTUC LearningHub and Devan Nair Institute for Employment & Employability, in partnership with the Workplace Safety & Health Council, to recognise unionised companies and individuals who have contributed towards a safer and healthier work environment.

NTUC U SAFE Sparks Award 2016

JurongHealth Campus was honoured to receive an award at the inaugural NTUC U SAFE Sparks Award 2016 for our efforts and commitment to workplace safety and health. The award accords us recognition for actively building and enforcing robust workplace safety and health practices, as well as equiping our employees with the skills and knowledge to initiate good practices in their areas of work.

The Nurses’ Merit Award is organised by the Ministry of Health annually. Recipients of the award have demonstrated consistent and outstanding performance, participated in professional advancement courses for their own development and made contributions to promote a professional image of nursing.



  • Sa'adiah Arsad
    Nurse Clinician, Ward B16
  • Toh Lay Cheng
    Nurse Clinician, Nursing Clinical Services
  • Nagarethinam D/O Ramasamy
    Senior Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
  • Kathie Teo
    Senior Nurse Manager, Operating Theatre

  • Muruganandam Devi
    Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing Admin


  • June Ng
    Senior Enrolled Nurse, Endoscopy
  • Joyce Ong
    Senior Nurse Manager, Operating Theatre
  • Zhang Rong
    Nurse Clinician, Endoscopy
  • Tan Soo Hui 
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Emergency Department


  • Rosidah bte Idris
    Nurse Clinician, Endoscopy
  • Loo Kai Chin
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, ICU
  • Grace Tacbianan
    Senior Staff Nurse, Ward B16
  • Nur Azizah binte Suhaimi 
    Senior Staff Nurse, Ward B7


  • Clarice Wee
    Advanced Practice Nurse, Nursing Clinical Services
  • Teo Hui Sin
    Nurse Clinician, Ward B12
  • Angela Lim
    Nurse Educator, Training & Development
  • Manisah binte Marseety
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Specialist Outpatient Clinic


  • Fadilah binte Ahmed
    Nurse Clinician, Nursing Clinical Services
  • Lui Kok Wah
    Assistant Nurse Clinician, Lakeside Family Medicine Clinic
  • Siti Nurashidah binte Abdul Rashid
    Senior Enrolled Nurse, Ward C7


  • Patricia Leong
    Nurse Clinician, Intensive Care Unit
  • Jaya Jothi
    Senior Staff Nurse, Ward 13
  • Dicky Loong
    Senior Enrolled Nurse, Ward 13


  • Choo Yee Mun
    Senior Nurse Clinician, Nursing Administration
  • Erlinda Lim
    Nurse Clinician, Emergency Medicine
  • Maswati binte Amat
    Senior Staff Nurse, Major OT


  • Abdul Wahab
    Senior Nurse Manager, Intensive Care Unit
  • Rajam d/o Karuppiah Ramasamy
    Assistant Nurse Educator, Nursing Administration
  • Sagaiyamary Stevens
    Nurse Relations Associate, Nursing Administration
  • Malliga d/o Selvaraju
    Principal Enrolled Nurse, Intensive Care Unit

The Project Management Institute Singapore Chapter is the country chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is the leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession. Its worldwide advocacy for project management is reinforced by its globally recognised standards, certification programmes, academic and market research programmes, chapters, and volunteer and professional development opportunities.

Project of the Year 2015-2016 – Business & Information Systems

Project OneCare

IHiS received this award for the implementation of IT systems at the new Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. Project OneCare is a transformation project and a realisation of JurongHealth Campus' goal of achieving digitised and state-of-the-art hospitals. Primarily, it aimed to digitise and link patient information across different departments to synergise work and provide better care for patients using an integrated system.

This national award is the highest accolade of the nursing profession, given in recognition of nurses who made significant contributions to the profession and the community. Outstanding in their competence, leadership and innovation, these nurses are also dedicated in committed in nurturing young nurses and contributing their professional expertise to the community.

President's Award for Nurses 2017

Mdm Kuttiammal Sundarasan
Chief Nurse, NTFGH

A nurse of 40 years, Mdm Kuttiammal worked through the ranks from an Assistant Nurse before taking on the role of Director, Nursing, when Jurong Health Services was set up in 2009. An extraordinary nurse leader, she made significant contributions to the growth of the organisation, including the mammoth task of building the new hospitals.

Under her leadership, our nursing team pushed for a patient-centred design and process, innovation, IT, training and enhanced career development. As a team, our nurses achieved many "firsts", such as the integrated Electronic Patient Information Board which eliminates the use of paper and provides up-to-date information at the patient’s bedside, the electronic medication cart and closed-loop system for medication administration which ensures patient safety, as well as the interactive learning application called “Virtual Nurse” which allows nurses to continually enhance their nursing knowledge.

The PS21 ExCEL (Excellence Through Continuous Enterprise & Learning) Awards recognises teams and public officers who best exemplified the spirit of innovation and continuous learning.

PS21 ExCEL Awards 2017

PS21 ExCEL Silver Award – Most Innovative Project

IHiS implemented the Real-time Location System (RTLS) & Warehouse Management System (WMS) in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. This innovative project has made significant improvements in the productivity of healthcare, which allows for more time to be spent on direct patient care.

The Public Sector Transformation Awards recognises individuals and teams from the public service for their excellence in service delivery, innovation and best practices.

Public Sector Transformation Awards 2020

Senior Staff Nurse Mary Jane, Ward C5, Jurong Community Hospital, is a very devoted and passionate nurse. Her propensity to render assistance to those in need outside of the hospital is a strong testament to her dedication.

Mary Jane always lends a listening ear and forges friendships with her patients. She once helped a patient, who was despondent about her divorce while concurrently dealing with a terminal illness, to focus on the positive things in her life. Eventually, they became friends and even celebrated Christmas together.

Other than her strong ability to empathise with her patients, Mary Jane was also recognised by Ng Teng Fong General Hospital as the “Best Clinical Instructor/Preceptor” for nursing students. Congratulations to Senior Staff Nurse Mary Jane on receiving the Exemplary Service Excellence Award 2020! 


Public Sector Transformation Awards 2019

Always putting his patients first, Adjunct Assistant Professor Loke Wei Tim understands the anxiety when faced with a discouraging diagnosis and puts in effort to explain the options as well as provide the necessary information to help patients through difficult decisions. He makes the time to address their concerns and help patients to manage their fears and response to treatment. His sincerity and commitment has made a difference, and enabled him to build strong relationships with his patients based on trust and respect.

Congratulations to Adj Asst Prof Loke for winning the Exemplary Service Excellence Award at the Public Sector Transformation Awards 2019!

The Public Service Transformation Awards recognises public officers who consistently demonstrated dedication and commitment to high standards of service excellence. 

Public Service Transformation Awards 2018

A pioneer nurse working in the General Surgery Clinic, Senior Enrolled Nurse Zubaidah Bte Osman's heart for others extends beyond caring for her patients in the hospital. In her personal capacity, SEN Zubaidah would visit her patients at their homes, to redress their wounds, especially for diabetic patients who lack family support and have serious wounds that requires more attention. She also empathised with their situation and gave her time to help willingly. 

Congratulations to our SEN Zubaidah on receiving the Star Service Individual Award at the Public Service Transformation Awards 2018!

Conferred by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the National Safety and Security Watch Group (SSWG) Award was introduced in 2009 to recognise exceptional efforts by members of the SSWG who have upheld safety and security in their respective roles in the community.

SSWG Outstanding Individual Award 2018

Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), NTFGH and JCH, and Director, JMC, Ng Kian Swan, received the SSWG Outstanding Individual Award from Mr Amrin Amin (Senior Parliamentary Secretary, MHA & MOH) in recognition of his leadership and commitment in enhancing the safety and security of our hospital premise.

The Singapore HEALTH (Helping Employees Achieve Lifetime Health) Award honours employers for excellence in Workplace Health Promotion programmes. Presented by the Health Promotion Board, the award accords national recognition to both public and private organisations with commendable Workplace Health Promotion programmes that help their employees stay healthy and lead vibrant lives.


Singapore HEALTH Award 2014 – Gold Award

JurongHealth Campus clinched Gold at the Health Promotion Board’s Singapore HEALTH Award 2014 in recognition of the activities developed to improve the health and wellness of campus colleagues. Activities such as "Ride the Bike" and "Fun Fridays at Five" were jointly planned by the Health Promoting Health Services (HPHS) Committee and HPHS-Employee Health & Wellness Sub-Committee at JurongHealth Campus and guided by a four-pillar framework to invites staff to Be Active, Eat Right, Think Positive and Appreciate Much

The annual Singapore HR Awards is organised by the Singapore Human Resources Institute. The Awards salutes leading organisations and HR practitioners for their drive in impactful human capital strategies. By highlighting best HR practices and outstanding HR professionals, the Awards also serves as a platform to promote and recognise excellence within the HR profession.

Singapore HR Awards 2015

JurongHealth Campus staff received recognition in the following categories:

Leading HR Practices in Manpower Resourcing & Planning – Special Mention

This award recognises organisations that have achieved overall effectiveness in their HR and people management functions. JurongHealth Campus received the award for its emphasis on staffing, manpower planning, deployment, recruitment and selection strategies and programmes that seek to achieve the effective utilisation and acquisition of resources to meet organisation needs.

Leading HR Practices in Quality Work-Life, Physical & Mental Well-Being – Special Mention 

This award recognises programmes that seek to help employees achieve effective quality work-life, through balancing work and personal life in order to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, performance and retention.

Singapore HR Awards 2012

JurongHealth Campus staff received recognition in the following categories:

  • Leading CEO – Mr Foo Hee Jug (CEO)
  • Leading HR Leader – Ms Anna Fok (Chief Human Resource Officer)
  • Quality Work Life, Physical & Mental Well-Being
  • Employee Relations & People Management

The Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award recognises promising Enrolled Nurses who have shown excellence and dedication in their profession. It also offers a chance for winners to undergo specialist training to further their skills and raise nursing care standards.

Named after the late banker and philanthropist, Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan, in memory of his kindness, dedication and generosity, the award recognises the very same qualities embodied by those in the nursing profession.

Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2018

Our Principal Enrolled Nurse, Faridah Hassan, was the first nurse in JurongHealth Campus to be awarded first runner-up for the Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award in 2018.

Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2016

Our Senior Enrolled Nurse, Endoscopy, June Ng, was one of ten to receive the Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2016 from Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health.